Insulation for a better tomorrow



URSA HOMETEC Cladding Roll is designed to be laid on the inner lining sheet and held in place by the spacer brackets and sheeting rails. The usual procedure for construction is:

  1. The structural framing, inner liner sheet, metal spacer brackets (with thermal break) and sheeting rails are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. A polythene vapour control layer, if required, is fixed on the liner with all joints lapped and sealed with special care being taken at the junction of elements. Alternatively the laps in the inner liner sheet may all be sealed to create the vapour control layer.

  3. The URSA HOMETEC Cladding Roll is laid on the inner liner sheet ensuring there are no gaps in the insulation, around the brackets or around openings and penetrations. The insulation is slid under the sheeting rails where it will be slightly compressed.

  4. If required a breather membrane is laid over the insulation prior to installing the external sheeting.

  5. The profiled external sheeting should be installed as soon as possible after laying the URSA HOMETEC Cladding Roll to avoid exposure to the weather. Lay only sufficient insulation that can be covered and protected on the same working day, otherwise provide temporary protection. Provide temporary protection during bad weather including rain, wind and snow or freezing conditions.

  6. Ensure that any penetrations through the ceiling, especially if formed by following trades, are correctly sealed to ensure an air and vapour tight ceiling.