Insulation for a better tomorrow

Installation - Masonry Party Cavity Wall


URSA Cavity Batt/Party Wall Roll, normally the same product used in the external walls, is installed in the party wall as the wall is built. The usual procedure for construction is;

  1. The party wall may be built leading with either leaf; a minimum 75mm cavity must be maintained.

  2. Install the first row of URSA Cavity Batts/Party Wall Rolls, cut to size if necessary, against the leading leaf. The batts/slabs may start below DPC to ensure continuity with the floor insulation and to minimise thermal bridging.

  3. Raise the next leaf to the level of the Cavity Batts/Party Wall Roll.

  4. Raise the leading leaf to the next row of wall ties and clean any excess mortar before installing the next row of Cavity Batts/Party Wall Rolls.

  5. Subsequent rows of slabs/rolls should be installed with vertical joints staggered i.e in a brick bond pattern.

  6. As work proceeds ensure that the top edge of the slabs in kept clean and free from mortar droppings.

  7. Cut sections of slab/roll may be required at corners and at junctions. It is essential that these are cut accurately to fill the space they are intended for.

  8. Ensure that partially completed walls are protected from inclement weather and at the end of the day's work.

Installation - Timber Frame Party Cavity Wall




URSA TF Roll/Slab is installed in both leaves of the separating stud wall and URSA Acoustic Roll is used in the cavity between the two leaves. The usual procedure for construction is;

  1. Fit the timber frame walls in the normal manner and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions ensuring a minimum of 240mm between the inner faces of the wall linings and 50mm separation between the studs of each leaf. If plywood sheathing is used ensure a 50mm (minimum) gap is still maintained.

  2. Install URSA Acoustic Roll between the frames. High tack spray adhesive may be used to secure the Acoustic Roll to one of the leaves when using plywood sheathing. Ensure the insulation thickness fully fills the cavity with allowance made for on-site tolerances.

  3. Install URSA TF Roll/Slab between both frames fully filling the depth of the studs.

  4. Install vertical cavity barriers (for acoustic, thermal and fire performance) ensuring that they are contiguous with the party wall insulation.

  5. Ensure that partially completed walls are protected from inclement weather and at the end of the day's work.

  6. The plasterboard is installed on both faces of the party wall in the normal manner.