Insulation for a better tomorrow

Insulation - a bright future

Insulation - present and future

Europe has been a world leader and benchmark in energy efficiency. This is due to high awareness of environmental protection, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, strong political action in the field and high energy dependency.

Which means URSA is in the middle of the action, offering the best solution – high performing insulation materials.

The future is even more challenging but also full of opportunities. As predicted by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast, beginning December 2020, all new buildings should be nearly zero energy (NZEB). This superior level of energy performance can only be achieved through substantial use of thermal insulation.

Building renovation – a ‘must’ with incredible potential

By 2050, Europe plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 80-95%. Reaching European targets before 2050 is only possible if Europe’s existing building stock is intensively renovated during the next decades. New buildings yearly account for only roughly 1% of total housing stock in Europe. This is a hard task but one that needs to be done using readily available solutions. Renovation of existing buildings to a nearly zero energy standard offers immense potential for energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions.