Insulation for a better tomorrow

Mission and Values

Our Mission

At URSA, we work to be the preferred energy savings and acoustic comfort partner in the construction business for glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS), driven by commercial excellence, the most efficient supply chain and the passion of our team.

Our values


Corporate Spirit


Our aim is to be a Group, not a series of unconnected businesses. Co-operation among businesses is essential for success. There are significant underlying synergies.




We want to be a transparent organization as regards operations and results. In our belief, everything that can be measured can be improved. Business management can only be improved when problems are made known. Transparency benefits the best.


Openness to Change


Survival requires being highly self-critical and not satisfied with "the status quo“. We have to permanently question the business model and be the first to make changes to our environment. We must be willing to change our responsibilities and teams at all times.


Self-achievement Mindset


People who form URSA are not afraid to take risks and are capable of facing adversity. We have to continually invent new challenges for ourselves and be full of ambition for excellent results. We must work towards the goal of maximizing shareholder value.


Respect and Continuous Development for People


We know that our employees are the key to making URSA a leading company. We will assess employees' work on the basis of how this fits in with our beliefs and the achievement of our objectives. We are committed to integrated and balanced personal development.


Social Responsibility and Commitment 


URSA ‘s aim to be a great place to work. Also, we work hard to be a good member of the communities we operate in.