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URSA's Awards

Quality and Innovation


Using URSA’s products guarantees that nothing can go wrong. Our Quality Department works hard to ensure compliance with the most strict quality standards. All our factories have been awarded ISO 9000 certificates, guaranteeing a high level of performance in each process. Our building insulation materials have all been approved by the construction industry’s regulatory authorities and carry the CE mark.

What is already good can always be better. Our R&D department and its global network of partners is dedicated to making URSA’s products perform even better: saving energy, waste, noise and improving our environment. This permanent research ensures that our products are ranked among the most technologically advanced, environmentally safe and cost-effective.

URSA Insulation is committed to sustainability and contributes with its sustainable products to the construction of sustainable buildings. The focus lies on the extremely positive role our products play in buildings in terms of huge energy savings during the whole use phase of a building and the resulting positive energy and CO2 balances.



Indoor air comfort



Due to URSA’s continuous commitment with environmental protection, URSA has been awarded with the “Blauer Engel” certificate (“Blue Angel”), recognizing the contribution to Indoor Air Quality by very low emissions content.


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Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort" product certification is an innovative tool for showing compliance with strictest requirements in terms of VOC emissions of all relevant European specifications on two levels:

  1. Standard level "Indoor Air Comfort - certified product" shows compliance of product emissions with all legal specifications issued by authorities in the European Union.
  2. Higher level “Indoor Air Comfort GOLD – certified product” shows compliance of product emissions with the voluntary specifications issued by all relevant eco-labels and similar specifications in the EU. URSA has obtained the “Gold” certificate for most commercialized products.

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Sustainable product 



URSA achieved this extremely demanding recognition in a category superior to other manufacturers. This category – Ecomaterial Absolute – is the highest in Ecostandard rank in Russia for products that are ecologically clean. This certificate specifies that the glass mineral wool product of URSA is highly recommended for housing construction and renovation, for construction and renovation of infant education institutions, schools, medical and prophylactic institutions.


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Environment product declaration 



Fiches de Déclaration Environnementales et Sanitaires (FDES) des Produits de construction – this is a French scheme for generation of Environmental Product Declarations. A number of URSA products have been certified and corresponding documents are publicly available.


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Environmental Product Declaration scheme set up according to the German system of IBU, Institut für Bauen und Umwelt. URSA products have been analyzed with accordance to this scheme.

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DAPc, or Declaració Ambiental de Productes de Construcció Environmental is an Environmental Product Declaration according to the Spanish scheme. URSA products have been assessed and achieved very positive profiles.


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  European Environmental Product Declaration TYPE III according to new EN 15804. URSA is proud to be the first to generate a European EPD.

Product innovation 



URSA Insulation received the German BAKA innovation award as the sign of recognition for PureOne by an independent jury that evaluates solutions based on innovative aspects. Among these are the quality of the design, the quality of details in the constructive implementation, technical implementation, environmental impact, use of energy-saving material/ecological manufacturing, cost effectiveness and versatility of usage. Yet again, PureOne by URSA proves to be the top class product in these terms.



Tests show that the glass mineral wool of URSA is a highly sustainable product due to its composition, mainly sand, recycled glass and a water- based binder system that only releases water vapor in production. During its use phase, a functional unit of glass mineral wool product of URSA can save (depending on the final application) between 200 and 600 times the energy needed for its production, transportation and installation and at end-of-life , it is fully recyclable. An independent panel of experts assessed the presented URSA material. The products are tested with a long series of tests to establish how environmentally friendly the products are. For this URSA received this “Zielona Marka” (“Green Brand”) innovation award in Poland.

  The URSA AIR range, which offers energy efficient and acoustically performing air conditioning ducts made of glass mineral wool, has been named an “installer-friendly product” by the well-known magazine “Professional Installer” in Poland.


Consumers recognition



URSA is proud to receive "Trophée de la Maison", the first and only being evaluated by a panel of independent end-consumers under "live tests" and its use in the place where it is incorporated.
The organizer is a qualified consumer center totally independent from press, distribution or professional organizations.
With more than 30,000 tests per year, it is the first center of quality for consumers in France. Since 1997, this constitutes a voice to the most relevant public to judge the quality and value of products.


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