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Acoustic Insulation for Floors and Walls



URSA Acoustic Roll is suitable as an acoustic absorbing material in separating and partition walls and floors (ceilings).


URSA Acoustic Roll - thermal conductivity 0.035 W/mK.


Density 22 kg/m³ (except 100mm minimum 12 kg/m³).


URSA Acoustic Roll is suitable for use in timber framed partition and separating walls and floors.


Sound insulation is required to prevent noise (unwanted sound) being transmitted from room to room within a building or from external sources. The transmission of noise within a building is by two main routes; airborne and impact. This may be further complicated by 'flanking' transmission, an indirect route through adjacent walls, floors and ceilings.


The four governing factors of acoustic insulation are;


  • Mass of the element.

  • Structural isolation.

  • Air tightness.

  • Sound absorption characteristics of the materials in the construction.


The acoustic performance of any element depends to a large extent on detailing and workmanship. The following points must always be considered;


  • Ensure insulation quilt covers the whole area fitting tightly between the studs without sagging or creating gaps.
  • Do not over compress the insulation quilt.
  • Ensure cavity closers are flexible and fixed to one frame only.
  • Stagger all joints in linings to avoid direct air paths.
  • Seal all joints with flexible sealant to avoid air paths.
  • Ensure that there are no connections between the two leaves in party walls – if required for structural reasons keep the number to a minimum.
  • Avoid electrical sockets and switches on separating walls. If they cannot be avoided stagger their position and use special detailing to maintain acoustic integrity (See Robust Details Part E).
  • Fix two or more layers of plasterboard independently.
  • When installing two or more layers of plasterboard ensure that they are different thicknesses, generally 12.5mm and 19mm, for optimum acoustic performance.


The sound absorption coefficient, as, of 100mm URSA Acoustic Roll measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 354 is as follows:


  Sound absorption coefficient

Frequency (Hz)








Sound absorption coefficient (as)