Insulation for a better tomorrow

It’s very satisfying to be part of URSA, the European company that manufactures and sells products that increase the energy efficiency of buildings, and really to have a positive impact on the future of our planet and our quality of life.

Energy efficiency has never been more important and we need to minimize the impact of climate change by limiting carbon dioxide emissions. We also have to guarantee the energy security of entire countries and regions. More nuclear plants and horizons stuffed with wind-generators cannot be the only future we want. Governments face an enormous challenge, which is also a great opportunity.

When it comes to buildings, which consume 40% of all energy, insulation is the answer. Insulation offers a win-win solution to tackle climate change and energy security. It enables us to renovate Europe’s building stock to the highest possible levels of energy-efficiency and offers a much needed boost to economic growth in the region. Lower energy use also allows us to save money.

URSA invests time and resources and uses state of the art technology to innovate and offer our customers insulation solutions for buildings that work and last. One of the leading insulation companies in Europe, we are your partner for insulation materials and systems from one source. Our core products, glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene, cover all building applications in the areas of heat insulation and soundproofing.  We have a first-class, customized service and a European-wide industrial and commercial footprint which are difficult to match.

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