Insulation for a better tomorrow

URSA invests time and resources and uses state of the art technology to innovate and offer our customers insulation solutions for buildings that work and last. One of the leading insulation companies in Europe, we are your partner for insulation materials and systems from one source. Our core products, glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene, cover all building applications in the areas of heat insulation and soundproofing.  We have a first-class, customized service and a European-wide industrial and commercial footprint which are difficult to match.

URSA's commitment to sustainability, and therefore the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability, is strongly rooted in the company. We do not plan our activities without a clear and determined approach towards sustainable development. On one hand, all URSA regions work in the manufacture of materials that provide greater sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection to the buildings in which they are installed. Providing our services in a sustainable manner is also of utmost importance when working together with our partners, customers, installers and specifiers. On the other hand, URSA continuously supports all those initiatives that encourage and work towards the consolidation of a sustainable building sector and the active renovation of buildings.