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Soffit Insulation

Soffit Insulation


URSAPAN BLACK, URSA WALLTEC BLACK and URSA WALLTEC REFLEX slabs are for use as a soffit insulation under concrete, timber or metal flooring systems.

URSA WALLTEC BLACK - thermal conductivity 0.032 W/mK.

URSAPAN BLACK - thermal conductivity 0.035 W/mK.

URSA WALLTEC REFLEX - thermal conductivity 0.032 W/mK.


URSAPAN BLACK, URSA WALLTEC BLACK and URSA WALLTEC REFLEX may be used to achieve the required U-value in the floor and also to enhance its acoustic performance.

URSA WALLTEC BLACK and URSA WALLTEC REFLEX both have a class leading thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK.

All three products are non-combustible with a reaction to fire rating of Euroclass A1 (BS EN 13501-1).

Larger slab size means 12.5% fewer boards to install and 12.5% fewer fixings required.

A typical 150mm concrete slab will give approximately 50 dB Rw; this can be improved to over 65 dB Rw with URSAPAN BLACK, URSA WALLTEC BLACK or URSA WALLTEC REFLEX slabs and 2 layers of plasterboard as the suspended ceiling finish.


Insulation Below a Concrete/Metal Composite Floor Slab

URSAPAN BLACK, URSA WALLTEC BLACK and URSA WALLTEC REFLEX slabs are simply mechanically fixed to the underside of the floor slab. The usual procedure for construction is;

  1. Consider the layout pattern to avoid excessive cut pieces. In longer runs use a string guide or laser to ensure the first row of boards is straight – check on a regular basis.
  2. Fit the slabs in a staggered, brick bond pattern.
  3. Use screw or expansion fixings suitable for concrete (or other substrate) with 70mm minimum diameter washer. Use 5 fixings per board.
  4. The central fixing to full and part boards must be metal. The corner fixings may be plastic and should be 100-150mm from the corner.
  5. As an alternative all 5 fixings may be metal though this may impact the U-value slightly.
  6. URSAPAN BLACK, URSA WALLTEC BLACK and URSA WALLTEC REFLEX slabs must be tightly butt jointed and with good contact onto the substrate – the resilient nature of the slabs helps in this respect.
  7. Do not overdrive or overtighten the fixings.
  8. Downstand beams and changes in level of the soffit should be fully encapsulated with a vertical section of insulation; mitre the slab edges to ensure the black or foil face is maintained. Alternatively cut a 90° V-shaped notch to almost the full thickness of the insulation to allow the slab to be bent whilst maintaining the black/foil facing.


150mm concrete slab, URSA WALLTEC BLACK or URSAPAN BLACK

                                                            U-value (W/m²K)

100 0.29 0.32
120 0.25 0.27
140 0.22 0.23
150 0.20 0.22
160 0.19 0.21
180 0.17 0.18
200 0.15 0.17
220 0.14 0.15


150mm concrete slab, URSA WALLTEC REFLEX

URSA WALLTEC REFLEX (mm) U-value (W/m²K)
128 0.23
138 0.21
157 0.19