Insulation for a better tomorrow

Climate change is the most profound challenge of our time. Its effects are long lasting and so significant they even endanger humankind.

Climate change is caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere as a result of high energy consumption, a great part of which can be easily prevented using thermal insulation.

The evidence is undeniable. The consequences of climate change are global and of incredible size. We are facing a growing crisis, with economic, health, food production, security and other dimensions

But it’s believed that the most dangerous climate changes may still be avoided if we act quickly and firmly. We need to transform our current energy wasting and environment harming model.

The tools are available but we must apply them immediately and actively. Without drastic action today, adapting to the problems caused by climate change in the future will be more difficult and costly, if still possible. 

Thermal insulation offers great potential to reduce energy consumption in the biggest source of wasted energy – buildings. Less energy used means lower carbon dioxide emissions and a greener future.